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Great news folks.  For all of you who are addicted to “The Social Network”, the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry Association now has a Facebook page as well! Don’t forget to “Like” us!

We’ve joined up posts to the website with that page (don’t ask me how – dark arts!) so you can now get news about us on the website, by email by subscribing at the website, or on Facebook.

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  1. Tim

    Do you have any records of soldiers who served in the Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry between 1895 and 1905? I believe that both my grandfather and his brother both served, my great uncle going to South Africa on Imperial Service. I have pictures of them both in uniforms that seem to match the S & N Yeomanry and as they lived in King’s Lynn it would seem that may be where they served.

    1. Stephen Reynolds Post author

      Although the Norfolk Yeomanry was in a period of disbandment at the beginning of the Boer war in 1899 men from Norfolk joined the Loyal Suffolk Hussars (Suffolk Yeomanry) in forming two Squadrons for the Imperial Yeomanry – the 43rd Sqn being predominantly formed from Norfolk volunteers. Records have it that there was a recruiting station for the squadron set up at the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich (though no doubt they would have also been recruiting in Kings Lynn). One hundred and twenty officers and soldiers of the 43rd shipped out on the night of 30th January 1899 bound for Cape Town and didn’t return until June 1901.

      Subsequently in 1901, King Edward VII declared that a Regiment of Yeomanry should be raised in Norfolk. The Kings Own Royal Regiment Norfolk Yeomanry was formed with it’s D squadron headquartered in Kings Lynn.

      Unfortunately at this time the archives are not in a state that we’d be able to find specific records in the period you are looking for so your best bet would be to try some of the genealogy websites – there is one in particular called forces war records which might be helpful – a quick search for your surname reveals a number of people by that name serving in the Imperial Yeomanry. No doubt you’ll have more information whereby you can narrow down the search.

      If you have the photos scanned electronically and don’t mind sharing them we’d like to see them and perhaps might be able to confirm whether they are indeed wearing the uniforms of the Imperial Yeomanry or Norfolk Yeomanry.

      1. Tim

        Stephen, many thanks for your reply and helpful information. I have four photos that may confirm the service of William Walter Scott and Arthur Robert Scott about the turn of the 20th century.

        1902 query William & Sarah Scott and children.JPG

        Arthur Robert Scott 1884 – 1964 in yeomanry.JPG

        Group photo yeomanry on Imperial Service in South Africa.jpg

        William Walter Scott 1882-1964 Boer war uniform.JPG

        I will be pleased to receive your confirmation of the uniform/badging.
        BTW I have personal military links with your organisation, I served as a platoon commander in the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian in the 1970s, and then joined the TA in 266 Battery RA (V) in Bristol.
        All best wishes,
        Tim Anderson

      2. Tim

        It seems that my photos did not upload via the reply option. What other method can I use to upload ‘jpg files to your site? Tim Anderson


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