Executive Committee

The Association Executive Committee will consist of at least six paid up members of the Association and shall consist of the following:

Membership Secretary
Up to six Co-opted Members these including the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor

The committee members shall be elected annually at the AGM.  There is no term of office imposed on Committee service and members may remain in office as long as they wish, subject to re-election.

The Committee will also endeavor to co-opt a Squadron Liaison Officer on to the Committee in order to ensure the close and regular contact with the serving Squadron.

The Executive Committee are:

Chairman:  Mr T Jones
Secretary:  Maj (Retd) GJ Walker RA (V)
Treasurer:  Mr A Burton-Simpson
Membership Secretary:  Mr A Burton-Simpson

Co-opted committee members:

Webmaster: Maj (Retd) S A Reynolds AAC (V)

Squadron Liaison Officer: TBC
Committee Member: TBC
Committee Member: TBC
Committee Member: TBC
Committee Member: TBC

The Association shall invite distinguished Members to serve as Association President and Vice President.  Currently these are:

President: Mr B Greengrass
Vice-President: Maj (Retd) S A Reynolds AAC (V)

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